Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question or queries


1. Where are you based?
We are based in Surabaya, Indonesia.

2. Do you accept paid promote?
Yes, we do. But there are some procedures before we promote your product. Drop us an email for more information.

3. Do you have a physical store?
No, we don’t. We only sell through online.

4. How to be your reseller / How to get reseller price?
Please visit our reseller page for more information.

5. What payment method do you accept?
We only accept one payment, which is bank transfer. And we only have one Bank Central Asia (BCA) account under SHIERLY WIBOWO name. Other than this account is not ours and we do not take responsible for any loss.


1. From where do you ship your snack?
As we are based in Surabaya so all shipping will be shipped from Surabaya. All shipping cost is calculated from Surabaya.

2. Do you ship outside Indonesia?
No, we don’t.

3. Which company that you use for shipping?
We only use JNE and JNT

4. How long does it take to ship my snacks?
Once you place your order, we will process it 1x24h. You will receive an email with the tracking number as soon as the order has been shipped out. From there it usually take 3-4 days for you to receive the snacks.

5. How do I track my shipment?
You can go to JNE / JNT official page:
and input your tracking number to the tracking column provided on the website.


1. Why I haven’t received any confirmation email after 1x24h of payment?
This only happens if:
a) One or some of your order are sold out (please read question number 2)
b) The transfer value that you transferred doesn’t match with the invoice (please read question number 3)

2. What happen if one of my order is out of stock?
Our admin will contact you on whatsapp or LINE ID that you have provided to discuss further action.
If you agree to refund the money, you shall receive the refund within 1×24 after the discussion.

3. What if I transfer with incorrect unique code?
Again, no worries, send us an email stating:
Your order number
Your transfer value
And our admin will revert to you immediately

4. What if I wrongly tick my payment method?
No worries, just send us an email stating:
Your order number
Your transfer value
Your correct payment method
And our admin will revert to you immediately


1. How do I join reseller program?
We make it simple. There is no program, no application fee. To get the reseller price, you just need to buy the minimum quantity stated on the PDF.

2. Does the price include with the shipping cost?
No, it doesn’t. You will need to pay for the shipping cost.

3. Which cargo or shipper that you suggest to get the cheapest rate?
Please consult to our admin to get the suggested cargo.

4. How much profit can I get from being your reseller?
As this is a free market, you can set your own price. However, we suggest to mark the price up from 15-20%.

5. How can I get the picture of the snack?
You are free to save all the picture from our website, shopee, and catalogue.

6. Do you accept dropship?
No, we do not accept dropship.

7. If I request certain product, how long will it be ready for me?
We can’t be sure of the date. But the usual lead time to import the snack is 1 month maximum.